Baby Belly Soother


The Baby Belly was born (see what we did there?) from the needs of one colicky and fussy baby boy (and mom) 17+ years ago.  With VERY LIGHT warmth (FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS – NEVER EVER USE IT HOT FOR AN INFANT!) this cute little pack helped calm his gassy belly and his other “fussy” times (car seat buckling, falling asleep, car seat boredom and more). It’s also useful cold for fevers, sunburns, and hot days. Filled with long grain rice, dried lavender and lavender essential oil, we can’t promise the fussies will stop, but this might help. If nothing else, it may calm mom or dad too. Either way, it’s a great baby shower gift. And to this day, that boy still takes a (bigger and corn-filled) therapy pack to bed with him.

Truth be told, many of our customers buy this calming little pack for other uses, including yoga, eye packs, dresser sachets and just because they love lavender.  But we stick with the Baby Belly name because it brings back great memories for us (how do they grow up so fast?).

  • Rice filled
  • Lavender scented
  • Microwaveable and Bakeable (Oven)
  • Freezable
  • Directions included with each pack ordered – please follow them!


Filled with rice, dried lavender and lavender essential oil.

Additional information

Weight 0.51875 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 4.25 × .75 in

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