Our Story

As further proof our whole family swears by our packs – our chocolate lab, Gracie, might just be our biggest fan.

Pain, whatever kind it is, is personal. And being cold, just STINKS.

Heal ME Handmade Therapy Packs are all handmade in Gray, Maine – especially designed to be used used hot or cold to soothe your deep aches and pains, or just provide comfort and healing. We LOVE making our packs for you – because we believe in them.  

Our own story starts with chronic pain, migraines, shoulder pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, TMJ, and trigeminal neuralgia for Mom as the result of a bad car accident, and one ever-so-beautiful-bouncing-colicky-baby-boy (ahem… 17+ years ago).  As a result, we make these packs for ourselves and for YOU; we USE them, so we know how we need them to work, and want to share them with you.  We’ve been making packs for 20+ years, and selling them direct retail to customers since 2016. This is a family business, and our main purpose is to share with you something that helps deal with pain, warms, calms, cools and soothes. Something you’ll use everyday. Something you’ll leave out on your coffee table and grab every night, or in your desk drawer and use every day. And yes, the now 17-year old uses our corn packs almost daily. You’ll find his knee modeling an ice cold pack and a securing strap in our basic packs photos gallery. 

Order online now, or find our list HERE of retailers, seasonal fairs and pop-ups throughout the year. Local to our area? Contact us to schedule an appointment to buy direct at our studio in Gray, Maine.

Our most popular and primary line of packs are unscented, and filled with natural, clean whole feed corn kernels. 

Believe it or not, corn provides a deep heat or deep cold experience, lasting longer than rice, flax or buckwheat, clay beads, and even those fake plastic silicone beads you find at big-box retailers. Over time, it “lives” longer and wont break down or begin to smell like other fillers. We believe firmly that corn will give you a better experience – try it, you’ll see what we mean! Available in small, medium, large, XL and the highly coveted ‘Wrap’ size – each designed for use in various areas of your body.

That’s the most frequent question we are asked! The answer is NO – if you follow our directions. This is large kernel feed corn, not popping corn. Popping corn is removed from the cob at a young stage so it will pop just like you expect it to. FEED CORN is allowed to grow on the cob much longer, it becomes pitted and is not used for popping corn. Occasionally you may hear a ‘pop’ if you’ve heated it too long, or if your microwave is too strong for the time you’re programed it. It is more likely to burn than pop if you overheat it (again, please follow our directions)! Overall, this kind of corn is much more tolerant and it absorbs the heat or cold, hanging on to it longer.

Our RICE PACKS are designed for a “lighter” or “softer” heat or cold experience, so to speak. Rice packs are filled with plain rice, and a special combination of essential oils and herbs are added for an aromatic experience. Available in “Headache Tamer” and “Baby Belly Soother” sizes (you do not need to use them for those purposes). Use any of our packs for whatever you need!

I HAVE A RICE PACK, AND IT SMELLS! We believe it. We find that many people have very old rice packs that have been likely overheated, because they want them to get warmer than the rice really can get. Hence, it is probably scorched or burnt inside. Rice also absorbs odors, aside from being easy to burn. Thats why we include essential oils and herbs in ours – and its also why we tell you that our rice packs are meant for a lighter heat experience. Want HOT? Corn is the answer. Want ICE cold? Corn. Want it to hold the heat longer? Corn! We will sell you whatever you like and we do love our rice packs,. But don’t buy a rice pack if you want the corn experience.

Always follow the directions enclosed in your order or HERE on our website. Overheating can cause burns, risk of fire, and will reduce life of your pack. Never use a pack immediately after surgery when tissue is numb, as this can cause risk of burns!